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WKO International
Black Belt Register

Welcome to the World Kickboxing Organisation international register of Black Belts.

There are many styles of martial arts and equally many associations. Each delivering their own syllabuses and grading systems for Dan grades.

Due to high demand of current black belts wishing to be recognised as a WKO Dan Grade we are proud to be able to feature all black belts regardless of style/rules/organisation.

If you have achieved your Dan Grade successfully and wish to be listed and recognised as a WKO Black Belt and be featured below for global recognition of your outstanding achievement then we are here for you.

How do you feature on the list and receive your WKO Black Belt Certificate?

  • Follow the link to register your Dan grade

  • Once we receive your request we will request a copy of your current Dan Grade Certificate

  • Payment of £25 will be requested from WKO

  • Once payment & copy of current Dan Grade Certificate is authenticated

  • Your WKO Black Belt Certificate will processed and shipped to you

  • Your name and rank will be listed below with all other WKO internationally ranked & recognised Black Belt Dan Grades

  • A4 Certificate options are available 

Follow the link below to receive your WKO Black Belt Certificate & be ranked and recognised globally.

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