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WKO - Members

Joining World Kickboxing Organisation is quick and easy.

WKO-HQ is located in the United Kingdom and many presidents and directors aroundthe world.

Club members - If you are interested in joining WKO-UK as an instructor simply drop us a line for our great insurance and membership offers.

Interested in joining WKO, What we can offer UK Clubs:

  • Club & Instructor insurance

  • Member to Member Insurance

  • Competitor Licence

  • National Gradings

  • Freedom to grade own students

  • Ongoing advice & guidance

  • Zero interference

  • National Reputable Open Tournaments

  • Access to WKO World Championships

  • Access to WKO events both nationally and globally

  • Plus much more

To join WKO outside of UK please contact your

WKO country representative. 

Promoters - If you are interested in promoting a WKO sanctioned event. Then contact us for our rates for shows and gala sanctioning.

Country Representatives - If you would like to represent WKO in your country, we are constantly growing and would like to welcome new countries onboard. Contact us for further information.

WKO is an organisation by the fighters for the fighters.

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