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WKO Super Gala
Revenge or Repeat 

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What is Revenge or Repeat?

Following being inundated with questions regarding the teaser alert, to stem the flow of requests to what we were teasing about.

Revenge or Repeat (Launched February 2024)


Will focus on Amateur Ringsports:

As we have 1000's of Athletes and Champions within the WKO data base, we feel the need to be able to offer them the next step up the ladder in to contesting for WKO Title Fights within a Gala Showcase setting.

WKO Events have become a one stop shop, to cut your teeth on the Open Tournaments then climb the Title Ranks within Gala events.

The very first Revenge or Repeat: 11th May 2024 was eligible to all who placed in the Top 2 at the 2023 English Ringsports Championships 2024. Invitations being sent in the first instance to Gold & Silver Medallists of the event. 

Offering them a rematch to be contested under title fight rounds to contest for a vacant WKO title. 

The event was an outstanding success crowing 14 new WKO Champions and Title Holders.

To view the very first event of its kind click the WKO-TV link Below:


How to be a part of future Revenge or Repeat events?

WKO Revenge or Repeat events are as listed above focussed on finalist from WKO Open Championships.

WKO will host 2 Revenge or Repeat events annually inviting finalist from either:

  • WKO English Open Championships

  • WKO European Championships 


On the completion of each of these events, the finalists will be given formal invitation. The first to accept and in regard to both invited for that bout, will take the limited spaces.

There is no time to waste as Revenge or Repeat II had a full fight card of 20 bouts claimed in less than 2hrs after the invitations were sent!

This is simply unheard of, WKO are reinventing matchmaking with the process used to fill up the Revenge or Repeat fight card.


Points to consider:


WKO understand that fighters may enter events personally. And when we send out the invitations these may go direct to fighters or mums and dads.

In order for fights being accepted for any Revenge or Repeat event, all fighters must first notify their coach. Upon the coaches agreement and consent bouts can be finalised.

Any bouts which are finalised without both coaches consent, will see that fight cancelled and the space on the event offered to other fighters.

Matches must be made in accordance and agreement from coaches. Coaches have the authority to understand the requirements and agree the terms and conditions of each bout.

Those eligible will be able to feature on the Revenge or Repeat Super Gala and battle it out in Title Elimination bouts and if currently eligible contest for WKO Titles such as:

  • Regional Champion

  • National Champion

  • European Champion

  • World Champion


Titles will need to be defended before climbing to the next level.

Bout lengths for each title are based on age Groups:

  • 12yrs & under will be contested over 5 x 1 Minute Rounds with 30 Seconds Rest

  • 13yrs to 17yrs will be contested over 5 x 1.5 Minute Rounds with 45 Seconds Rest

  • 18yrs+will be contested over 5 x 2 Minute Rounds with 60 Seconds Rest

All title bouts will be able to weigh in the day before the event, through the WKO Remote Weigh in Procedure, click the link below for what the requirements are for remote weigh in:

Following completion of each WKO Open invitations will be sent out winners will be prioritised then the runners up offered the chance to face them again over longer rounds.


Will the rematch result in a Revenge or Repeat?


The venue we will be hosting these special Super Gala's will be at the Montgomery Hall theatre in Rotherham.


The venue is a small theatre so expect an electric and captivating atmosphere, with full stage glitz and glamour for the fighters ring entrances.

As the venue is 250 person max, there is no pressure on fighters to sell tickets. You will never hear a promoter say these words, but its true.

WKO are in a fortunate position to be able to offer all eligible the opportunity to fight not only on a gala event but also for world renowned titles, and no pressure for ticket sales.

Reality is though if you bring support with you, they will cheer you on and share the glory with you, so tickets to the event are of course available


Each Revenge or Repeat event will feature 15-20 bouts only mainly consisting of WKO Title bouts, but when required title elimination bouts.

So, the big question is who wants to feature on these events???


Support the WKO Ringsports Championships to earn your place, the sports just got a whole lot more exciting!

Location & Venue

Revenge or Repeat

Spectator Fees:

  • Ringside Seating £45

  • Tiered Seating £40

  • Standing Room £35

(no minimum sales required)

To purchase tickets click below:

Closest hotels to the venue

Al hotel fees may vary on the time you book these images and prices.
Its every teams option as to where they book.

There are many Hotels within Rotherham & Barnsley Area
Which also have many amenities required for an enjoyable stay.



WKO Rules 

Which all can be contested over to win a WKO Title





Previous Winners:


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